Speaker Interview

Speaker: Will Leinweber
Twitter: @leinweber
Very good, professional webpage: bitfission.com
Company: Citus Data

Could you briefly introduce yourself?
I’ve been building fully-managed Postgres services in one way or another for seven years. First at Heroku, and currently at Citus Data. I’ll be visiting Paris from San Francisco.

Have you enjoyed previous pgDay Paris conferences, either as attendee or as speaker?
I’ve neither been to pgDay Paris before nor to the city for which it’s named. Very much looking forward to it!
What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?

My second favorite PG set of features constraints and how datatypes can serve as constraints. Having the database be very strict is very freeing when writing applications, because you can trust that several classes of bad data is rejected early on.

My favorite feature will not be covered in this talk. \watch in psql.

What is the audience for your talk?
People who write applications that use postgres as their database.
What existing knowledge should the attendee have?
Not a whole lot, just some familiarity with creating and altering tables.
Thank you!